The World’s Best Restaurant: Spain’s Disfrutar Takes the Crown

Ever wondered what it’s like to dine at the best restaurant in the world? Imagine savoring each bite of a dish that’s more than just food—it’s an art form. If you’re a foodie at heart, the recent announcement in Las Vegas on June 6 will tickle your taste buds and excite your culinary senses. Barcelona’s Disfrutar, an eatery helmed by the remarkable trio Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch, and Mateu Casañas, has been crowned The World’s Best Restaurant by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024.

A Triumph in Gastronomy: Disfrutar’s Rise to the Top

What makes Disfrutar so special? Nestled next to Barcelona’s bustling Ninot market since its opening in December 2014, this gem has consistently amazed diners with its inventive approach to Mediterranean cuisine. Rising from No.2 in 2023 to No.1 this year, Disfrutar—aptly meaning “enjoy” in Spanish—has redefined fine dining through modern techniques and exquisite ingredients.

A Culinary Marvel with a Rich Legacy

Disfrutar isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a sensory adventure that challenges traditional dining norms. The team of chefs behind this marvel are veterans from El Bulli in Roses, Spain—a legend in its own right, topping the 50 Best list five times. Their expertise brings a Mediterranean identity infused with avant-garde flavors to create a tasting menu that’s as thought-provoking as it is delightful.

The Prestigious Awards Ceremony

Held at Wynn Las Vegas, the awards ceremony was a grand celebration of global gastronomy. Representing 26 territories across five continents, the event honored exceptional culinary talent. William Drew, the Director of Content for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, praised Disfrutar for its dedication and innovation, noting the team’s extraordinary ability to captivate diners with every dish.

Spotlight on the World’s Best

While Disfrutar claimed the top spot, other Spanish and Latino restaurants also shone brightly in the rankings. Asador Etxebarri in the Basque town of Atxondo took second place, known for its unique approach to grilling. Paris’s Table de Bruno Verjus, securing third, stands out as one of the priciest yet most cherished dining experiences in the French capital. Both Disfrutar and Table de Bruno Verjus proudly hold the Michelin three-star ranking, a testament to their culinary excellence.

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A Global Gastronomic Journey

Spanish and Latin American establishments dominated the top 10, reflecting a trend towards dynamic, culturally rich cuisine. Madrid’s Diverxo claimed the fourth spot with its bold fusion flavors, while Maido in Lima landed at fifth, celebrated for its inventive Nikkei cuisine. Mexico City’s Quintonil and Buenos Aires’s Don Julio also featured prominently, showcasing the region’s diverse culinary prowess.

Recognizing Culinary Icons and Rising Stars

The ceremony wasn’t just about the best restaurant; it highlighted individual excellence as well. Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura of Maido received the Estrella Damm Chefs’ Choice Award 2024, voted by his peers. Meanwhile, Australian chef Neil Perry, with a career spanning over four decades, was honored with the Woodford Reserve Icon Award. Paris’s Nina Métayer was named The World’s Best Pastry Chef 2024, inspiring a new wave of pâtissiers with her innovative creations.

Celebrating Emerging Talent and Sustainability

Vicky Cheng of Wing in Hong Kong earned the Highest New Entry Award 2024, debuting at No.20, while The Chairman climbed to No.26, winning the Highest Climber Award 2024. New entries like Mingles in Seoul and La Colombe in Cape Town added fresh flavors to the list. Berlin’s Nobelhart & Schmutzig bagged the Sustainable Restaurant Award, reflecting a growing emphasis on eco-friendly dining practices.

A Culinary Tradition Continues

Launched in 2002, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list has become a prestigious global benchmark, rivaling the traditional Michelin Guide. With over 1,000 voters from 27 regions—comprising chefs, food writers, and gourmet enthusiasts—the list offers a diverse and inclusive view of the world’s top dining destinations.

Conclusion: A New Era in Dining Excellence

As Disfrutar takes its well-deserved place at the pinnacle of global gastronomy, it invites you to experience a dining journey like no other. Whether you’re planning a trip to Barcelona or simply dreaming of your next gourmet adventure, the world’s top restaurants promise a feast for all your senses. So, why wait? Dive into the world of fine dining and discover what makes these culinary havens truly the best.

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