Best Gyros in San Antonio

The Gyro in San Antonio

The gyro stands out as a delicious symbol of Mediterranean taste and gastronomic pleasure in the diverse tapestry of San Antonio’s cuisine. Stay with us in this comprehensive guide that turns a delectable quest toward discovering the best gyro in San Antonio, where factors such as setting, presentation, price, and atmosphere merge to create an amazing eating experience. Let’s explore the fascinating San Antonio gyro scene and enjoy this iconic dish’s flavors.

Gyros Near Me?

1. Opah Greek Flavor

Opah Greek Flavor

4.0 Average Rating
(184 Google Reviews)

7400 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States

Service Options:
Dine In, Take Away, No Reservations

Opah Greek Flavor is a gastronomic paradise that offers the essence of the Aegean to San Antonio. The setting of the restaurant invites guests to relax and enjoy the delights of Greek food, offering an atmosphere of relaxation. In the center of North Star Mall, Opah Greek Flavor offers a sense of Mediterranean charm with its stone façade and warm ambiance.

The gyro presentation is elevated to an art form by Opah Greek Flavor. The gyro is a masterwork, beautifully put together to bring out the beauty of every component. Every element, from the carefully spiced meat to the crunchy veggies and creamy tzatziki, is perfectly cooked. Opah Greek Flavor’s gyro is more than simply a meal; it’s a creative and culinary experience that takes guests away to Greece’s sun-drenched coast.

Opah Greek Flavor appreciates the true spirit of Greek flavors. The gyro’s preparations show the dedication to quality, guaranteeing that customers have a value-driven experience. Opah Greek Flavor is a place where diners can enjoy a variety of Greek cuisine without going over budget due to its affordable and authentic menu.

The environment of Opah Greek Flavor is a celebration of Greek hospitality and culture. The lively ambiance, along with rustic wooden features and sandy walls, reflects the conviviality of a classic Greek restaurant. Opah Greek Flavor is real, with staff members welcoming warmly and occasional sounds of “Opa!” adding to the experience, turning every visit like a little Greek vacation.

Monday10 am–9 pm
Tuesday10 am–9 pm
Wednesday10 am–9 pm
Thursday10 am–9 pm
Friday10 am–9 pm
Saturday10 am–9 pm

2. Papouli’s Greek Grill

Among San Antonio’s rich cultural surroundings. The setting of the restaurant contributes to the sense of adventure by inviting customers to step outside of the ordinary and enjoy the delicious flavors of Greek food. Papouli’s Greek Grill becomes an inspiration for anyone looking for a true flavor of the Mediterranean as the aroma of grilled gyro fills the surroundings.  

Authenticity and simplicity are the key elements of Papouli’s Greek Grill presentation style. The gyro is a masterwork of balanced cooking that lets the taste of every ingredient feel. Carefully sliced meat is wrapped in a pillowy pita and covered with the traditional toppings of tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki. The way it is presented reflects the idea that a balance of textures and flavors is crucial for enjoying a gyro properly.

Each bite of Papouli’s Greek Grill shows the restaurant’s commitment to using only the finest and most fresh ingredients, which makes it an excellent option for anyone looking for an enjoyable but authentic gyro experience.

Papouli’s Greek Grill has a stylish yet Mediterranean vibe in Selma. Greek tastes are presented in an ambiance that allows customers to relax and enjoy themselves courtesy of cozy lighting, cozy seating, and friendly service. Whether having a gyro or eating outside on the cool patio, customers are surrounded by an environment that enhances to the whole dining experience.

Sunday11 am–7 pm
Monday11 am–7 pm
Tuesday11 am–7 pm
Wednesday11 am–7 pm
Thursday11 am–8 pm
Friday11 am–8 pm
Saturday11 am–8 pm

3. Pasha Mediterranean Grill

Pasha Mediterranean Grill

4.5 Average Rating
(4700 Google Reviews)

9339 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States

Service Options:
Dine In, Take Away, No Reservations


Gyro excellence on the platter is the trademark of Pasha Mediterranean Grill. Warm, soft pita bread is wrapped around the beautifully sliced gyro meat that comes off the spinning spit. An amazing harmony of colors and textures is created with fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce, red onions, and ample tzatziki sauce. The gyro is more than just a meal; it’s a beautifully presented dish that attracts customers to taste every layer of richness before taking their first scrumptious bite.

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Pasha Mediterranean Grill has a vibe that is similar to the Greek taverna. A calm ambiance, natural colors, and traditional decor create an environment that encourages customers to stay and enjoy Greek cuisine. Diners find themselves in an environment that enhances the delight of eating a gyro whether they are seated indoors or on the little outside patio.

Sunday11 am–10 pm
Monday11 am–10 pm
Tuesday11 am–10 pm
Wednesday11 am–10 pm
Thursday11 am–10 pm
Friday11 am–11 pm
Saturday11 am–11 pm


The gyro, which reflects the deep essence of Mediterranean flavors, is a culinary gem in San Antonio’s diverse food experiences. The symphony of flavors, the creative presentations, the carefully considered pricing, and the fascinating ambiances of these gyro havens combine in an overall balance. The city’s gyro scene is more than just a culinary encounter; it’s proof of the dynamic blend of history, modernity, and hospitality. The gyro offers guests the chance to take in an unforgettable journey through San Antonio’s culinary scene.

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