Seattle’s Top 25 Restaurants to Try Today

In the “Where to Eat: 25 Best” series, I feature top-notch restaurants from cities across the United States. These lists will be regularly updated as eateries open and close, and as I discover new gems to recommend. All our meals are paid for, and we don’t accept free items.


Cuisine: Filipino, Tasting Menu

At Archipelago, the dining experience is as unique as the food itself. Chef Aaron Verzosa and Amber Manuguid go beyond serving delicious modern Filipino dishes. They weave intricate stories about the Pacific Northwest and the impact of Filipino immigrants, using words, pictures, and even dance. The food, such as the buttery, sweet pan de sal and the flavorful shrimp paste, is memorable, but the narrative they share makes the meal even more special.

Address: 5607 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle  



Cuisine: Italian

Artusi, adjacent to the renowned Spinasse, offers a vibrant, urban dining experience with handmade pastas that rival its famous neighbor but at a lower cost. The appetizers, including the hazelnuts candied in muscovado sugar, are delightful. The Sunday and Monday dinner deal of two pastas and a bottle of wine for $45 is a steal.

Address: 1535 14th Avenue, Seattle  

Phone: 206-251-7673  


Ba Bar

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Ba Bar’s phở hà nội stands out in Seattle’s crowded pho scene. The broth, simmered for 24 hours with marrow bones, is rich and flavorful. The imperial rolls, wrapped in blistered fried rice paper, are a must-try. The cocktail menu, featuring tropical ingredients like tamarind and pineapple, complements the food perfectly. The Capitol Hill location is open until midnight, making it a great late-night spot.

Address: 550 12th Avenue, Seattle  

Phone: 206-328-2030  


Bar del Corso

Cuisine: Italian

This cozy Beacon Hill trattoria has been a neighborhood staple for over a decade. The Neapolitan pizzas, cooked in a wood-fired oven, are the main attraction, with perfect char and pillowy crusts. Chef Jerry Corso, often seen working the oven, also serves excellent dishes like grilled octopus with corona bean and ’nduja.

Address: 3057 Beacon Avenue South, Seattle  

Phone: 206-395-2069  



Cuisine: Steakhouse

Bateau reinvents the traditional steakhouse with a Pacific Northwest twist. Chef Renee Erickson’s menu features a chalkboard listing daily steak cuts, ensuring freshness and variety. The restaurant’s commitment to using the whole animal means you can find delicious, lesser-known cuts like culotte and rump cap. Unique sides like beef liver mousse and shank jerky highlight their innovative approach.

Address: 1040 East Union Street, Seattle  

Phone: 206-900-8699  



Cuisine: Fine Dining, Tasting Menu

Canlis, a Seattle icon for over 70 years, combines midcentury charm with modern culinary excellence. Executive Chef Aisha Ibrahim’s focused, luxurious menu includes standout dishes like halibut with geoduck and a mushroom preparation that redefines the ingredient. The extensive wine list, managed by Linda Milagros Violago, adds to the sophisticated dining experience.

Address: 2576 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle  

Phone: 206-283-3313  


The Chicken Supply

Cuisine: Fried Chicken, Filipino

This small spot offers incredible fried chicken with a crackly, gluten-free crust. The standout item is the Stick, featuring marinated breast meat fried to golden perfection. Complement your meal with Filipino-inspired sides and don’t miss the butter mochi for dessert.

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Address: 7410 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle  

Phone: 206-257-4460  



Cuisine: Modern Soul Food

Communion’s welcoming atmosphere and community vibe make it a standout. The menu changes with the seasons, but dishes like neck-bone stew and catfish and grits consistently impress. Chef Kristi Brown’s mastery of flavor and technique shines through every dish, making it a favorite spot for both food and conversation.

Address:* 2350 East Union Street, Seattle  

Phone:* 206-391-8140  



Cuisine: Izakaya, Gastro Pub

Itsumono’s eclectic, ever-changing menu features dishes that defy traditional classifications. Highlights include the Loco Moco Scotch Egg and the Piggy Parm Katsu Sando. The hearty fare pairs well with the extensive selection of shochu highballs, making it a great spot for a fun night out.

Address: 610 South Jackson Street, Seattle  

Phone: 206-682-1828  



Cuisine: Asian

Chef Rachel Yang’s Joule blends Asian flavors with continental techniques, using prime Pacific Northwest ingredients. The dining room is chic and lively, and the dishes, like the scallion pancake with smoked salmon roe and crème fraîche, are both innovative and comforting. For dessert, try the offerings from her nearby Paper Cake Shop.

Address: 3506 Stone Way North, Seattle  

Phone: 206-632-5685  


Le Pichet

Cuisine: French

Le Pichet remains a slice of Paris in Pike Place Market, offering classic French bistro fare. The charming, all-day café is perfect for enjoying a bottle of wine and a charcuterie plate or staying for a full meal. Despite new ownership, the beloved menu and atmosphere remain unchanged.

Address: 1933 First Avenue, Seattle  

Phone: 206-256-1499  


Lil Red’s Takeout and Catering

Cuisine: Barbecue, Jamaican

Erasto “Red” Jackson’s Lil Red’s is a top spot for barbecue with a twist, incorporating influences from various regions and his Jamaican heritage. The standout brisket, crispy-edged burnt ends, and traditional rum cake from his wife Lelieth are not to be missed.

Address: 4225 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle  

Phone: 206-760-2931  


Local Tide

Cuisine: Seafood

Local Tide excels at seafood with a casual, order-at-the-counter vibe. Their fried Dover sole, Saltine-crusted oysters, and crab roll made with Dungeness crab are all must-tries. If seating is full, you can enjoy your meal at the neighboring Aslan Brewing tasting room with a beer.

Address: 401 North 36th Street, Unit 103, Seattle  

Phone: 206-420-4685  


Ltd Edition Sushi

Cuisine: Omakase

Ltd Edition Sushi offers a unique omakase experience with local, unfrozen fish. Chef Keiji Tsukasaki’s inventive dishes, like lean tuna belly with housemade soy milk, are served at an intimate eight-seat counter. His charisma and expertise make for an unforgettable dining experience.

Address: 1641 Nagle Place, Suite 006, Seattle  



Cuisine: Filipino

Musang’s cozy dining room, located in a Craftsman house, reflects its origins as a pop-up. Chef Melissa Miranda’s menu features nostalgic Filipino dishes reimagined for modern palates. The fried pork belly in binagoongang sauce and the short-rib kare kare are highlights.

Phone: 206-708-6871  


Off Alley

Cuisine: Continental, Small Plates

Off Alley offers a raucous, intimate dining experience with dishes that celebrate nose-to-tail cooking and Pacific Northwest ingredients. The tiny space and constantly changing chalkboard menu create a lively atmosphere reminiscent of a Lyonnaise bouchon.

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Address: 4903½ Rainier Ave South, Seattle  

Phone: 206-488-6170  



Cuisine: Korean

Paju’s small storefront belies the culinary excellence within. Chef Bill Jeong’s contemporary Korean menu includes elegant dishes like yellowtail rosettes and comforting favorites like squid-ink fried rice with kimchi and a quail egg. It’s best enjoyed with a group to sample everything.

Address: 11 Mercer Street, Seattle  

Phone: 206-829-8215  



Cuisine: Mexican

Chef Janet Becerra’s Pancita brings authentic Mexican flavors to a charming storefront. With a background from Pujol in Mexico City, her dishes, like albacore tostadas and suadero tacos, are both rich and refined. The in-house nixtamalized masa adds an extra touch of authenticity.

Address: 5501 30th Avenue Northeast, Seattle  

Phone: 206-526-7655  


Post Alley Pizza

Cuisine: Pizza

Post Alley Pizza brings authentic New York-style slices to Seattle. Their pies, with a perfect sauce-to-cheese ratio and sturdy, charred crusts, are great for eating on the go

. The friendly, cozy space invites guests to linger and enjoy a pie with friends.

Address: 1124 Post Alley, Seattle  

Phone: 206-556-2076  


Restaurant Homer

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Restaurant Homer’s rustic-chic interior and open kitchen set the stage for flavorful Mediterranean dishes. Chef Logan Cox’s small plates, like roasted cauliflower and house-made pita, pair perfectly with the curated wine list. Don’t miss the inventive soft-serve for dessert.

Address: 3019 Beacon Avenue South, Seattle  

Phone: 206-785-6099  


San Fernando

Cuisine: Peruvian

San Fernando’s colorful dining room and lively atmosphere are perfect for enjoying authentic Peruvian dishes. The pollo a la brasa, with its smoky, herbaceous marinade, and the ceviche with bright, tangy flavors, are standout dishes. Pair your meal with a classic Pisco Sour.

Address: 5701 22nd Avenue Northwest, Seattle  

Phone: 206-397-4455  



Cuisine: American

Sawyer’s inventive dishes and casual, inviting atmosphere make it a neighborhood favorite. Chef Mitch Mayers’ menu features playful, shareable plates like cheeseburger dumplings and short-rib poutine. The restaurant’s dessert selection, including the ice cream sundae, is also exceptional.

Address: 5309 22nd Avenue Northwest, Seattle  

Phone: 206-420-7225  


Shiro’s Sushi

Cuisine: Sushi

Shiro’s Sushi, founded by Seattle’s sushi pioneer Shiro Kashiba, continues to offer exceptional nigiri and sashimi. The omakase experience, led by expert chefs, highlights the finest seasonal fish, flown in daily from Japan. The attentive service and elegant setting enhance the dining experience.

Address: 2401 Second Avenue, Seattle  

Phone: 206-443-9844  



Cuisine: Italian

Spinasse’s handmade pastas, especially the rich, buttery tajarin, have set the standard for Italian cuisine in Seattle. The intimate dining room and impeccable service make it a special occasion destination. Don’t miss the chocolate budino for dessert.

Address: 1531 14th Avenue, Seattle  

Phone: 206-251-7673  


Xi’an Noodles

Cuisine: Chinese

Xi’an Noodles offers hand-pulled noodles and traditional Chinese dishes that transport you straight to the streets of Xi’an. The biang biang noodles, with their spicy, garlicky sauce, are a must-try. The no-frills setting lets the flavors shine.

Address: 5259 University Way Northeast, Seattle  

Phone: 206-529-2610  


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