Best Tamales in San Antonio

Best Tamales in San Antonio

Are you on a mission to find the best tamales in San Antonio because it’s Tamales Season, guys? Here, we are to help you in your quest to find the best tamales in San Antonio.

San Antonio is a vibrant city that reflects a blend of traditions and modernization, which is why many still haven’t discovered the best tamales in San Antonio. So stay with us and discover the hidden gems where you will get to taste delicious and authentic flavors of tamales.

Whether you are on a fun holiday in San Antonio or haven’t got a chance to explore the culinary heaven of the city, this quick will help you enjoy the best Tamales in San Antonio. So are you ready?

Best Tamales Near Me?

1. La Victoria Tortillas and Tamales Factory

La Victoria Tortillas and Tamales Factory

4.6 Average Rating
(815 Google Reviews)

737 Division Ave, San Antonio, TX 78225, United States

Service Options:
 Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, Accept Credit Cards


La Victoria Tortillas and Tamales Factory is one of my favorite places for tamales in San Antonio. Give your taste buds the pleasure of tasting traditional and flavor-rich tamales in a cozy cafe. The most La Victoria Tortillas and Tamales Factory thing is you will get to enjoy the scent of freshly made masa and all the flavors dancing in the air.

This place has a special place in my heart because it brings back the memories of my childhood when my mother used to cook Tamales for us on Christmas. La Victoria Tortillas and Tamales Factory is a perfect blend of tradition and time-honored recipes.

Sunday6 am–2 pm
Monday7 am–2 pm
Tuesday7 am–2 pm
Wednesday7 am–2 pm
Thursday7 am–2 pm
Friday7 am–2 pm
Saturday6 am–2 pm

2. Mi Casa Tamales

Nestled in the heart of San Antonio, a hidden gem, Mi Casa Tamales is heaven for tamale lovers. They make the best tamales in San Antonio, and each bite is a culinary celebration attached to a string of traditions and modernization. Moreover, they offer diverse menu options from chicken to beans and everything in between; all kinds of tamales are crafted here and presented to guests with a soulful fusion of Texan and Mexican flavors.

Mi Casa Tamales lives in people’s hearts rent-free because of its warm ambiance, friendly, and quick service. They won’t keep you waiting for long to enjoy the flavors of tamales and San Antonio’s rich culinary heritage.

Sunday11 am–8 pm
Friday4–10 pm
Saturday11 am–10 pm

3. Ruben’s Homemade Tamales

Ruben’s Homemade Tamales

4.3 Average Rating
(1062 Google Reviews)

1807 Rigsby Ave, San Antonio, TX 78210, United States

Service Options:
Dine In, Takeaway, Delivery

If you want to taste the true flavors of tamale, then this place is for you. Ruben’s Homemade Tamale is not just an ordinary food place; they have kept their family legacy alive since 1952 and serve the authentic, traditional, and true flavors of tamale.

You may have to wait a little longer to taste the true flavors of masa-wrapped, flavorful fillings that will water every corner of your mouth. With just one bite, you will know it worths the wait.

Moreover, the handpicked ingredients, when blended with dedication and innovation, enhance the flavor and reflect the commitment of Ruben’s Homemade Tamale to this traditional dish. Don’t wait for a special day to taste amazingly delicious tamales of Ruben’s Homemade Tamales because their tamales are always in demand.

Sunday7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

4. Tamale Boy

Here comes the local’s favorite, Tamale Boy, which sells the best tamale in San Antonio. They are a culinary masterpiece who craft tasty tamales with family and a handful of employees. It is not a fancy restaurant, but it tastes much better than any high-end dining area.

Their vibrant and option-rich menu has something for everyone from chicken to pork, beans or cheese, Tamale Boy makes the best combos and blends it well, so you only get to taste the best tamales in San Antonio. With loads of fillings and combinations, Tamale Boy is the epitome of tamale in San Antonio.

Sunday7 am–2 pm
Thursday8:30 am–3 pm
Friday8:30 am–3 pm
Saturday7 am–2 pm

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

It varies from person to person, but most loved tamales are oyster mushroom tamales.

Tamales are a traditional dish and are mostly served during holidays like Christmas, but now it’s more than a traditional thing, and people can enjoy it any time of the year.

Yes, tamales taste amazingly good. The warmth of corn husk, flavorsome filling, well-seasoned meat and vegetables, and, of course, the traditional bonding is what makes tamale heavenly. The tradition and the rich culinary heritage wrapped in a corn husk, saving the delicious flavors of tamale, is more than just a dish for people now.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best tamales in San Antonio can be hard because not all places have tamales that tell the traditional story, authenticity, and true taste of Mexican cuisine. But don’t worry, our tamale hunt was a success, and all the places mentioned in this guide are the ones where you can get the best tamales in San Antonio. Try them out, and you will be addicted to these places like I am.

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