5 Best Cheesecakes in San Antonio

San Antonio is best known for its diverse culture and a lot of bakeries across every corner. So, whether you are a local or tourist, finding a place to get a cheesecake shouldn’t be an issue. But a little bit of research never hurts, which is why it is better to study the local area.

As a cheesecake lover, I have tried almost every place in the state, from traditional to inter-cultural and modern. Here are the five best cheesecakes in San Antonio from my side. So, give it a quick read and see whether they suit your pellet.

The Best Cheesecakes in San Antonio

1. Baklovah Bakery and Sweets

Baklovah Bakery and Sweets

4.6 Average Rating
(1243 Google Reviews)

9329 Wurzbach Rd #104, San Antonio, TX 78240, United States

Service Options:
Offers Delivery, Offers Takeout


If you want to merge culture with cheesecakes, the family-owned bakery in Wurzbach Rd might be the right place to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is a place owned by a Turkish family who reinvented Turkish cuisine using local Texan ingredients. They also serve some delicacies like gelato and tiramisu.

Despite being a culturally rich bakery, their cheesecakes stand out for their quality and flavor. Most of the ones I have tried were perfectly sweetened and moistened, and the light creamy taste you get after each bite makes them unusual and above-average. Though they also offer catering, it is only for small gatherings.

Another good thing about the place is the cozy seating that gives you a relaxed ambiance, making it a suitable substitute for spending a special event. The staff is cooperative and welcoming. They are always ready to solve customers’ problems, which definitely adds to the scores of this bakery.

Sunday10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Monday10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Thursday10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Friday10:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Saturday10:00 AM – 09:30 PM

2. Bird Bakery

Despite being a small little bakeshop located on Broadway, Bird Bakery has tons of delicious items on the menu. Its fresh, well-stocked ingredients and traditional recipes attract a lot of cheesecake lovers to the bakery. Plus, the place is not heavily crowded, making it easily accessible.

Bird Bakery’s extensive menu is the reason why it is particularly popular in the area. It has amazing cupcakes, cheesecake, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and brownies, all of which are made using local Texan ingredients. They also specialize in gluten-free, allergen-sensitive menu items.

The place is under contract with local vendors, so you do not have to worry about the ingredients getting out of stock or about their safety. It is certified by the local food and sanitation authority. Finally, the service is incomparable, and the atmosphere in this little bakery is pretty cozy.

Sunday09:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Tuesday08:00 AM – 07:00 PM
Wednesday08:00 AM – 07:00 PM
Thursday08:00 AM – 07:00 PM
Friday08:00 AM – 07:00 PM
Saturday08:00 AM – 07:00 PM

3. Belgian Sweets

Belgian Sweets

4.6 Average Rating
(367 Google Reviews)

15614 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78248, United States


In case you are looking for a cozy and vibrant place to enjoy a birthday or special event with friends and family, Belgian Sweets might be it. This place has a rich European-style interior that attracts a lot of Texans to the bakery. Plus, all the recipes are a mix of European and American cuisine.

Let us start this description with the ambiance, which is a perfect blend of formal and cozy, making it perfect for an authentic European experience. You will see a lot of antique pieces across the hallway and fine art adorned on the walls. It also has some Belgian cultural references, which you may find interesting.

Now, speaking of their menu, this place has an extensive cheesecake menu and Belgian specialties. The chefs are professionally trained by the owner, a Belgian man who opened a family business through Belgian Sweets. Aside from this, you may also like light meals like pastries, ice creams, waffles, and Belgian drinks.

Sunday12:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Wednesday01:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Thursday01:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Friday01:00 AM – 09:30 PM
Saturday12:00 AM – 09:00 PM

4. Schilo’s German Texan Restaurant

The infamous Schilo German Texan Restaurant located in the heart of San Antonio is definitely a place you should go to experience the culture. The place was originally owned by a veteran, Schilo, who amalgamated his German culture into Texan sweets, particularly cheesecakes. The ambiance is yet another thing everyone talks about.

After the three generations of Schilo since its establishment in 1917, this restaurant was purchased by a native Texan family, the Lysons. They somehow maintained the flavor and service of the place after several years. Later, in the 1980s, they introduced Texas delicacies and integrated them into the original German menu.

Aside from this, it is located in a 19th-century building that is pretty vibrant and welcoming for people celebrating a special occasion. You will see a lot of antique pieces here and there. The seating is perfectly balanced between spacious and cozy.

Sunday08:00 AM – 02:30 PM
Monday08:00 AM – 02:30 PM
Tuesday08:00 AM – 02:30 PM
Wednesday08:00 AM – 02:30 PM
Thursday08:00 AM – 02:30 PM
Friday08:00 AM – 02:30 PM
Saturday08:00 AM – 02:30 PM

5. The Ultimate Cheesecake Bakery

The Ultimate Cheesecake Bakery

4.4 Average Rating
(66 Google Reviews)

12914 Flagship Dr, San Antonio, TX 78247, United States


Last but not least on my list of the best cheesecake places in San Antonio is The Ultimate Cheesecake Bakery, all thanks to its exclusive recipes. It is literally the dessert specialist with a lot of cheesecake options and sweet treats on the menu. The best part is that they also offer customization and catering services.

Speaking of the cheesecakes, their cakes are always moist and sweetened with balanced proportions. Their best hit is the strawberry cheesecake for quite some time. Much of it is accredited to the fresh ingredients they use.

Another good thing about the place is its professional catering that can handle small to medium formal events. The staff is pretty nice and always ready to help the customers. Do consider that you have to order the catering at least two weeks before the event.

Monday07:00 AM – 02:00 PM
Tuesday07:00 AM – 02:00 PM
Wednesday07:00 AM – 02:00 PM
Thursday07:00 AM – 02:00 PM

Final Thoughts

Finding a cheesecake place in San Antonio is no issue. All you need to do is study your local neighborhood and see what places stand out for starters. I hope this guide has been helpful in narrowing down your best cheesecake places in San Antonio so you know where to start.

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