Best BBQ in San Antonio 2024

Best BBQ in San Antonio

With an abundance of BBQ restaurants in San Antonio, how do you discover the ultimate pick among the myriad choices? If you are wondering about this question, then look no further! I have got you covered with a list of top BBQ spots in the city. Whether you are a local or just passing through, these places serve up delicious, no-frills barbeque that will make your taste buds happy and satisfied.

This comprehensive guide will lead you through a flavorful exploration of San Antonio’s top BBQ establishments for the year 2024. Therefore, keep reading to find out about these amazing places.

Best BBQ in San Antonio 2024 (Comprehensive Guide)

San Antonio, Texas, is a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant atmosphere, and, of course, its mouthwatering barbeque. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-term resident, do not miss the chance to experience these local barbecue treasures. Moreover, a recent study declared San Antonio as “America’s Best BBQ City,” surpassing even barbeque heavyweights like Austin, Dallas, and Kansas City.

With a title like “America’s Best BBQ City” attached to San Antonio, you can rest assured that your barbeque experience will be unparalleled. Now, let me share with you the best BBQ places in San Antonio:

1- 2M Smokehouse

2M Smokehouse

4.5 Average Rating
(1551 Google Reviews)

2731 S WW White Rd, San Antonio, TX 78222, United States

Service Options:
 Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, Takes Reservations


This restaurant is a family-owned and operated BBQ joint that has been making waves in San Antonio’s BBQ scene. 2M has earned national recognition, including two James Beard Award semi-finalist nominations since opening in 2016, spreading its reputation far beyond the borders of San Antonio. One visit to 2M, and you will know why it’s a barbeque destination that stands out from the rest.

Moreover, the outstanding brisket at 2M alone justifies a visit to San Antonio. It boasts a peppery, smokey, and incredibly tender flavor that instantly clarifies why the James Beard Foundation nominated 2M pitmaster Esual Ramos Jr. for the Best Chef Award.

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However, 2M doesn’t stop at brisket excellence. You can’t afford to miss their pork links infused with Oaxaca cheese and serrano peppers. Do not hesitate to order them with side dishes like Maria’s ranchero beans and chicharoni macaroni.

Sunday11:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 04:00 PM

2. The Barbeque Station

The Barbeque Station

4.0 Average Rating
(114 Google Reviews)

1610 NE Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States

Service Options:
 Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery


For those who appreciate a no-fuss, classic barbeque experience, The Barbeque Station is the best choice. Operating since 1992, the Barbeque Station has earned a loyal local following, consistently receiving the Express-News Reader Choice Awards over the years. The best thing about this place is that it gives off a comfortable and friendly vibe, making it the perfect spot for a relaxed barbeque experience.

The Barbeque Station offers a relatively expansive menu compared to other BBQ restaurants, providing choices to order meat by pound, plates, combo plates, and sandwiches.  The menu features succulent smoked meats like brisket, ribs, and sausage, complemented by delicious sides such as mac ‘n’ cheese and coleslaw.

Sunday01:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Monday01:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Tuesday01:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Wednesday01:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Thursday01:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Friday01:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Saturday01:00 AM – 01:00 PM

3. 225 Urban Smoke

225 Urban Smoke

4.6 Average Rating
(1124 Google Reviews)

1015 Rittiman Rd #113, San Antonio, TX 78218, United States

Service Options:
 Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, No Reservations


225 Urban Smoke proudly presents itself as a Texas BBQ restaurant integrated with the flavors of Mississippi and Louisiana. Daniel Jimenez and Chef Samuel Ransom Jr. own and operate Urban Smoke, a place that unites family and friends through its vibrant urban atmosphere and a superb selection of unbeatable smoked meats. At their urban San Antonio location near Fort Sam Houston, they achieve barbeque perfection by smoking brisket at precisely 225°F for a duration of 9 hours.

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In addition to its mouthwatering brisket, 225 Urban Smoke offers a unique selection of meats and Southern favorites not commonly found at traditional barbeque joints, including fried chicken, catfish, and gumbo.

Sunday11:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Monday11:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 06:00 PM

4. Pinkerton’s Barbeque

Pinkerton's Barbeque

4.6 Average Rating
(3374 Google Reviews)

107 W Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States

Service Options:
 Offers Takeout, Offers Delivery, No Reservations


BBQ lovers must not overlook Grant Pinkerton’s second location in San Antonio. Here, you can savor the same slow-smoked barbeque that has cemented Pinkerton’s reputation as a household name, delivering an equally delicious and authentic experience as the original in Houston.

Sitting at the edge of Legacy Park in downtown San Antonio, this farmhouse-style building exudes a warm, country ambiance.  On the outdoor porch, you get to see a lovely view of the park and feel the gentle breeze on your skin, creating a delightful and comfortable feeling. Pinkerton’s barbecue lives up to its Texas Monthly’s 50 Best Award with its exceptional barbeque offering.

The sliced brisket is a standout, intensely flavorful, and tender enough to skip the sauce. Oh, you can’t forget about their glazed pork ribs and jalapeno cheese sausage link with cheese pockets, making Pinkerton’s a top destination for delicious smoked meats in a cozy, country-style setting.

Sunday11:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM


In conclusion, BBQ restaurants in San Antonio offer a diverse array of barbeque joints that cater to every taste preference. From the classic flavors of The Barbeque Station to the innovative dishes at 225 Urban Smoke, there’s something for everyone in this barbeque hub.